Commercial Reverse Osmosis RO Systems RO-200

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Product Description

One of our most popular models, the RO-200 Series is a compact, energy-efficient Reverse Osmosis System designed ideally for tap or brackish applications. Our smaller systems are capable of reaching incredibly high recovery rates.

Pure Aqua supplies a full line of standard and fully customizable reverse osmosis systems, all of which are engineered using advanced 3D computer modeling and process design software for accurate and customized solutions.


Reverse Osmosis Series Process

Reverse osmosis machines are tasked with purifying water from water sources such as lakes, rivers, well, and even the sea. These machines utilize a high pressure pump that pressurizes brackish or sea water against the surface of a semi-permeable membrane containing small pores. Water molecules are only permitted to flow through the small pores while blocking impurities such as salt, particles, minerals, and other organics from passing through. These small pores have a strong capability of rejecting bacteria and disease-causing pathogens. At the end of this process, clean, purified water emerges on the lower-pressured side while salts, minerals, and other organics are thrown into the brine stream then into a drain.


Custom & High Capacity Systems

Our RO-200 series commercial reverse osmosis units are manufactured to meet important matters such as robust construction, user friendly, environmental friendly and long term reliability.

The RO-200 series can be customized based on individual design to include chemical dosing, cleaning skids, anti-scalant and more. These reverse osmosis machines can accommodate between 600 to 15,000 GPD, with feed water TDS of 1000 ppm to 5000 ppm. These features have the capability of removing hardness, chlorine, odors, color, iron, and sulfur. Economical and efficient, RO-200 commercial reverse osmosis machines acquire the latest in RO technology to remove dissolved salts, particles, organics, minerals, solids and other contaminants from water with a molecular weight greater than 150-250 Dalton.. Pure Aqua uses the most reputable membrane manufacturers such as Dow Filmtec and Hydranautics (USA made)

Operation Specifications

Max. feed water temperature: 42°C Feed water TDS: 0-2,000 ppm Feed water pressure: 20 to 80 psi
Equipment upgrade for TDS up to 5,000 ppm Operating pressure: 150 to 250 psi Hardness over 1 GPG requires water softener
Hydrogen Sulfide must be removed pH tolerance range: 3-11 Turbidity should be removed
Max. Silica tolerance: 25 ppm @ 60% recovery Max. Iron content: 0.05 ppm Operate at higher TDS by lowering recovery


Commercial Brackish RO Systems RO-200 Series
Model Number Permeate Flow Rate
TW-0.6K-125 600 2
TW-1.2K-225 1,200 5
TW-1.8K-325 1,800 7
TW-1.5K-140 1,500 6
TW-3.0K-240 3,000 11
TW-4.5K-340 4,500 17
TW-6.0K-440 6,000 23
TW-7.5K-540 7,500 28
TW-9.0K-640 9,000 34
TW-12.0K-840 12,000 45
TW-15.0K-1040 15,000 57

Standard Features: Available Options:
2.5"/4" TFC spiral wound membranes Automatic flush
Heavy duty high pressure tubing Pre piped skid system 
Low pressure switch Blending: feed/product
Product and reject flow meters Tank float switch
Electric inlet solenoid valve Recycle flow meter
Corrosion resistant high pressure throttling valve Post DI polishers
Pretreatment lockout 380-415V/3Ph/50Hz power supply
Factory tested 220-240V/1Ph/50Hz power supply
Powder coated carbon steel frame 220V or 460v 3Ph/60Hz power supply
Corrosion resistant high pressure pump Water softeners
220V/1Ph/60Hz power supply Ozonation system / UV sterilizers
Pre/post-treatment and pump pressure gauges Media filters
Recycle valve (standard up to 4.5K GPD) pH or ORP meter
FRP/SS pressure vessel High pressure switch
Tagging and identification of instrumentation Export wood crating
Heavy duty 5 micron cartridge pre-filter  
The ideal applications for commercial reverse osmosis machines include:
Metal Finishing Safe Drinking Water Spot Free Product Rinse
Beverage Production and Bottled Water Rinse Water Cooling Towers
Electronics Power Plants Laboratory
Pharmaceutical Plating Operations Boiler Feed Water
Mining Industry EDI Pre-treatment Ice Manufacturing
Chemical Blending Food and Beverage Ion Exchange Pre-treatment