Industrial Reverse Osmosis RO Systems RO-400

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Product Description

Brackish water reverse osmosis equipment is tasked with purifying water and eliminating salts and other contaminates from many different impure sources. They have the power of blocking bacteria, particles, sugars, proteins, dyes, and other impurities that encompass a molecular weight of more than 150-250 dalton.


Compact RO System

Our largest tap and brackish water equipment, the BWRO-400 series, may come standard with media pre-filters, chemical dosing, and antiscalant. This equipment is primarily customized to suit individual customer and water application needs. The BWRO-400 Series is recognized as one of the most compact industrial reverse osmosis equipment in the market, it also claims state of the art energy saving membranes.

When we design our BWRO-400 series industrial reverse osmosis equipment, we take into consideration certain matters such as robust construction, user friendly design, environmentally friendly materials, and long term reliability.


Water Purification Process

Industrial reverse osmosis machines include multimedia prefilters, a water softener, the reverse-osmosis unit with semi-permeable membranes, and a UV sterilizer post treatment. These machines apply the technology of reverse osmosis by transporting feed water through multimedia prefilters to take out huge particles. Then the water is transported into a water softener to remove hardness that may cause damage to the membranes within the machine. These pretreatments have the capability of removing hardness, chlorine, odors, color, iron, and sulfur. The water then continues into the reverse osmosis machine where a high pressure pump applies extreme pressure to the highly concentrated solution, separating the remaining salts, minerals, and impurities that the pre-filters couldn’t catch. Fresh, potable water comes out from the low pressure end of the membrane while salts, minerals, and other impurities are discharged into a drain on the other end. Lastly, the water is passed through a UV sterilizer to kill any bacteria and microbes that still exist in the water.


High Capacity Industrial Machines

Economical and efficient, BWRO-400 industrial brackish water reverse osmosis machines acquire the latest in RO technology to remove dissolved salts, particles, organics, minerals, solids and other impurites from water. Reverse Osmosis uses RO membranes as its core separation technology to block these impurities. Pure Aqua utilizes the most reputable membranes manufacturers such as Dow Filmtec and Hydranautics (USA made)

As part of our industrial line, the BWRO-400 series machines can accommodate 28,800 to 172,800 GPD, with feed water TDS ranging from 1000 ppm to 5000 ppm. These machines come standard with media pre-filters, chemical dosing and antiscalant. Customization is available on all our units based on individual water application and customer needs.

Operation Specification:
Max. feed water temperature: 42°C Feed water TDS: 0-1,000 ppm Feed water pressure: 20 to 80 psi
Equipment upgrade for TDS over 5,000 ppm Operating pressure: 150 to 250 psi Hardness over 1 GPG requires antiscalant dosing
Hydrogen Sulfide must be removed pH tolerance range: 3-11 Turbidity should be removed
Max. Silica Tolerance: 60 ppm @ 60% recovery Max. Iron content: 0.05 ppm Operate at higher TDS by lowering recovery


Model Number Permeate Flow Rate
TW-28K-1480 28,000 109
TW-36K-1580 36,000 136
TW-43K-1680 43,000 164
TW-57K-2480 57,000 218
TW-72K-2580 72,000 273
TW-87K-3480 87,000 327
TW-108K-3580 108,000 409
TW-130K-3680 130,000 491
TW-144K-4580 144,000 545
TW-173K-4680 173,000 655

Standard Features: Available Options:
Programmable time delay and set points Automatic hourly flush
Motor starter Feed/Permeate blending
Stainless steel multi-stage pump with TEFC motor Export crating
FRP membrane housings Ozonation and UV sterilization systems
5 micron cartridgae pre-filter Water softeners
460V/3Ph/60Hz power supply Feed pH controller with sensor
Microprocessor based control panel Feed ORP controller with sensor
NEMA 12 enclosure Water and hour meters
Low pressure switch Chemical dosing systems
High pressure switch Media and Iron prefiltration systems
Liquid filled pressure gauges Post deionization polishers
Permeate conductivity monitor Pre piped skid system
Permeate & concentrate flow meters Remote Monitor/control panel
Powder coated carbon steel frame Feed water conductivity monitor
TFC spiral wound membranes Membrane cleaning skid
  380-415V/3Ph/50Hz power supply
  220V/3Ph/60Hz power supply
  Product tank level controller switch
The ideal applications for an industrial brackish water RO filtration plant include:
EDI Pre-treatment Cooling Towers Plating Operations
Rinse Water Ion Exchange Pre-treatment Power Plants
Pharmaceutical Electronics Metal Finishing
Boiler Feed Water Safe Drinking Water Mining Industry
Laboratory Food and Beverage Beverage Production and Bottled Water
Chemical Blending Ice Manufacturing Spot Free Product Rinse